Location: The Hindu shrine dedicated to lord Shiva namely Umanand temple is built at the Peacock Island which is surrounded by the pious water of river Brahmaputra in Guwahati.  The smallest inhabited reverie Island of the world, ‘Peacock’, has a mountain called ‘Bhasmacala’ or Bhasmakuta where exactly this temple is established opposite the office of Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup or the Kachari Ghat.   

Prime Deity: Lord Shiva as Umanand (Bhagvan Sambhu-Ruma-Nandakarah)

Historic Era of its foundation:  1681-96 A.D.

Testimonial scripture: Kalika Purana

Founder King: Ahom King ‘Gadadhar Singha’ (a devout shaivaite)

Sacred occasion to visit the shrine:

  • Amavasya (fall on Monday)
  • Shiva Chaturdasi

Related legend:

  • As narration goes in Kalika Purana, Kamadeva (cupid) disrupted Lord Shiva while he was transited in the world of meditation on ‘Bhasmacala’ hillock.  The fury of lord Shiva burnt him into ashes. Thus, the name ‘Bhasmacala’ coined for the hillock on which such ancient incident took place. 
  • Another illustration of the aforementioned scripture conveys that goddess Urvasi brought elixir (Amrit) for the amusement of Kamakhya. Thus, the hillock got another name, i.e. Urvasi Island.

Description of the temple:

  • Shrine’s construction took place under the guidance of:  Bar Phukan Garhganya Handique as per command of the contemporary king ‘Gadadhar Singha’. 
  • Carved rock: This shrine is sculpted by the Assamese Craftsman and artisans. Their master work outshines the marvel of architecture world since they cu-n-carved the rock to sculpt a shrine.
  • Idols: The temple has nearly all  Hindu gods such as Vishnu & his ten incarnations, Surya, Ganesha, Shiva and Devi.