Location: The famous Shakti Peetha dedicated to Devi Tara, namely Ugra Tara Temple, is establishing divinity to the environment of the western side of Jor Pukhury tank that is built at the epicenter of Guwahati in the lotaxil locality in Northeast India. This shrine is popularly known as Tiksna-kanta, Eka-Jata etc. belonging to the Buddhist pantheon.

Prime deity: Ugra Tara (the consort of lord Shiva) or Kamakhya

Historical era: 1725 A.D.

Founder: Ahom King Siva Singha

Testimonial evidence:  Kalika Purana (Hindu Scripture)

Related Legend:

  • As a tale of ancient Hindu scripture goes, as being replete with piousness, not a single soul out of all sinister was ready to be shifted to Hell from the sacred arena of Kamarupa despite being alleged for committing sins. The ruler of hell, Yama, lodged this complaint to lord Brahma. The complaint was sent to Lord Vishnu and eventually, to deity Shiva. While doing a fair judgement, lord Shiva commanded Goddess Ugra Tara to drive away all the inmates of Kamakhya.

In response to the command of the honorable deity, she sent her army to Kamakhya where Saint Vashistha was immersed into deep mediation for appeasing lord Shiva. They violated his mediation. Consequently, the saint cursed goddess Uma Tara as well as lord Shiva while her army was bearing the bane of becoming Mlechhas (menial) .

Since then, Vedic Sadhana (of lord Shiva) has been abandoned to be done in Kamarupa while goddess UmaTara has been referred for Vamachara Sadhna.    

Description of the temple:                           

  • Genesis of the shrine: It is widespread by the locales that this famous shrine is linked with the first consort of lord Shiva, especially from the navel of goddess Sati.
  • Jorepukhuri Tank: The eastward part of this shrine has a water tank called Jorepukhuri which has been there dated back to the historic era of Ahom king Siva Singha. Earthquake has demolished its upper portion yet the tank is standing as it was. 
  • Dikkara Vasini: By virtue of Kalika Puran, it is regarded as a Shakti Peetha or Dikkara Vasini having its two forms namely:
    • Tikshna Kantha: This part of the Shakti Peetha is black and pot bellied and popularly renowned as Ugra Tara or Eka Jata
    • Lathika Kantha or Tamreshwari: The second part of the foregone Shakti Peetha is known as Lathika Kantha or Tamareshwari.
  • Garbhagriha: The inner most part of this shrine is known as Garbhagriha where no idol is enshrined except a pit flooded with water. This sacred water embodies goddess Ugra Tara; hence, it is worshipped as a goddess there.
  • Shivalaya: A beautiful spectacular view of lord Shiva’s shrine adds divine grace to the beauty of this shrine.  it is located just next to the main shrines.