Location: The temple of Trimbakeshwar is situated at the bank of the longest river Godavari that originates from Brahmagiri Mountain and eventually confluences with the sea near Rajahmundry. It is constructed in the district of Nasik, Maharashtra in Indian peninsula.

Relation legend:

The related legend in Purana narrates Brahmadev wished to bring river Ganges on this ‘Satya Lok’ or the Earth hence, he worshipped god Trivikram for pleasing him in order to get blessed with the desired boon since the people were enduring the mar of famine due to drought. But the blessing of rain god- Varun was bestowing Trimbakeshwar where sage Gautama’s ashram was located. Sage Gautam used to sow rice seedlings there in the morning, harvest it in the noon and serve the meal of rice to famine victims who used to take refuge in his ashram. In return, they bid after showering lots of blessings onto sage Gautam. The number of refugees had been advancing day by day as same as his fame. Therefore, the king of gods-lord Indra started conspiring against him as the merit list of sage Gautam was scaling hike and thus, he became a real threat to Lord Indra’s throne. Raging with enmity, lord Indra commanded rain bearing clouds to lavish the valley of Trimbakeshwar with rain so that drought could no more sting its pang and the refugees in sage Gautama’s ashram would take leave from there. The planning of Indra went in vain since refugees of Gautam decided to be there on being requested by the sage himself. The second spell of Lord Indra’s conspiracy had caught Gautam in its clutch as Jaya, Parvati’s friend, disguised him via her manifestation as a weak and lean cow that was busy in grazing his rice crop. He tried to shoo it away with a Darbha or sharp pointed grass. The cow died and the sages residing in his ashram refused to accept his lunch. Sage Gautam sank into severe penance of lord Shiva for getting out of his committed sin. Pleased with his player, Lord Shiva absolved him from every sin and blessed him Ganges. Ganges was reluctant to come on the earth; as a result, Lord Shiva performed Tandav Nritya in anger. Scared due to outrageous Shiva, she appeared at mountain Brahmagiri as playing hide-n-seek means manifesting on Trimbak Tirth and then, went off which later appeared in Gangadwar, Varaha-tirth, Rama-Laxman- Tirth, Ganga Sagar Tirth.  Sage Gautam allured Ganges via green lavishing grass in Kushvarta Tirth where it stopped and he took a dip in Ganges water to get rid of his sin.

Description of the temple:

  • The idol of Trivikram looks amazing due to its three facets, i.e. Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Rudra.
  • The corroding Shivling there represents the deteriorating state of society.
  • Linga is adorned with precious stones and jewels such as gold crown, emerald, diamonds.
  • Several religious rituals are performed there as Narayan Nagbali, Kalsarp Shanti, Tripindi Vidhi to cure illness, financial crisis etc.