Location:  The ancient Hindu temple dedicated to deity Shiva is enhancing the religious significance of the eastern state ‘Assam’, India. It’s fascinating view on the Sukreswar or Itakhuli hill on the south belt of river Brahmaputra in Panbazar locality of Guwahati city is appearing historic illustration of Vedic period.

Nearby River: River Brahmaputra

Prime deity: Lord Shiva

Founder: Ahom king ‘Pramatta Singha’.

Historical era of its foundation: 1744- 51

Description of the temple site: As being located on the lofty hills, the flight of steps leads visitors to the spectacular view of Brahmaputra Ghat. While sitting on the stairs of Sukreswara Ghat, one can visualize the majestic view of the sun set amid mantra recitation by religious devotees. It evokes the image of paradise where the soul is free to see the marvel of divinity.

Religious significance: This shrine is a popular religious destination for those devotees who seek the particular religious site in order to perform oblation or holy rituals in the memory of their expired relatives. This oblation involves sacred bath, worshipping, offering and recitation of requisite mantras through the contribution of any priest.