Location: The famous Hindu shrine, Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, is dispersing charismatic hue of divinity in Junagadh, Gujarat in India.

Presiding deity: Ranchhodrai & Trikamrai.

Creator: Swaminarayan

Foundation of the shrine is laid by: Gunatitanand Swami along with Gopalanand Swami and other Paramhansas.

The person who supervised the construction of this shrine: Brahmanand Swami.

Date of its foundation: 10th May, 1826 A.D.

Date of its inauguration: 1st May, 1828 A.D.

Historical events: The name of king Hemantsinh (Jinabhai, Darbar of Panchala) has become immortal since this shrine is built on the ground that was once donated by the king to admirable Swaminarayan. Thus, the scripted carvings on the embellished walls of the shrines narrate the memoir of the aforementioned king.

Description of the shrine:

  • City: This shrine is enhancing the glory of the city ‘Junagadh’ that appears a captivating place while being stood in the abode of Mt. Girnar.
  • Circumference of the shrine: 278 feet (in the central part of the city).
  • No. of Domes & sculptures: There are 5 domes drafted and constructed on the topmost part of this shrine.
  • Idols in the inner sanctum: The pran- pratishtha of the sculpted deities took two days to be installed with pomp and show in this shrine on 1st May, 1828 A.D.. The inspirational figure ‘Swaminarayan’ enshrined the stony figurines of the prime deity, i.e. Shri Ranchhodrai and Trikamrai, by himself in the inner sanctum. 
  • Idols installed in east of the shrine: The idols of admirable Radharaman dev & Harikrishna Maharaj are glorifying the eastern part of the shrine.
  • Idols installed in the west of the shrine: Western nook of the shrine is bedecked with the pious sculptures of respective deities namely Siddheswar Mahadev, Parvati, Ganesha & Nandishwar.
  • Mahant of the shrine: Gunatitanand Swami has been enhancing the dignity of the Mahant designation for 40 years now who was assigned the job of managing administration of the temple by Swaminarayan.