Location: One of the six Shri Swaminarayan Temples, Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, is enhancing the significance of Hindu religion while being stood at Dholera (an ancient port-city) that is 30 Km away from the dhandhuka of Ahmadabad state, India.

Presiding deity: Madan Mohan Dev


  • Nishkulanand Swami
  • Atmanand Swami
  • Akshardanand Swami
  • Dharmprasad Swami

Creator of the shrine: Bhagwan Swaminarayan

Date of its inauguration: 19th May, 1826.

The devout devotee who installed the idols: The perpetual request to Swaminarayan by the reverend devotees ‘Shri Punjabhai’ along with many others paid off on 19th May, 1826 as he got ready to enshrine the sacred figurines in the newly built shrine of Dholera.

Enshrinement ceremony of idols/ figurines: Swaminarayan installed the sculptural image of ‘Madan Mohan Dev’and of ‘his own’ while the entire premise of the shrine was submerged into divinity amidst the mesmerizing enchantment of the pious Vedic-hymns.

Mahant (Priest):  Adbhutanand Swami was approached by Swaminarayan for getting him assigned at the post of ‘Mahant’ of the temple. 

 Description of the temple:

  • Sanctum sanctorum: The innermost solemn portion of the shrine is an abode of the sculptural images, i.e. of Madan Mohan dev & Swaminarayan. 
  • Roop Chowki: The customary deities’ figurines as of lord Hanuman and lord Ganesha are erected gracefully near the main stairway of the shrine to dignify the ‘Roop-chowki’.
  • The places of other deities’ sculpture: The west domain of the temple is enticed with some more images of the deities such as of Sheshashayi, Suryanarayan, Dharm-bhakti and Ghanshyam Maharaj. While turning towards the right, there can be visualized the amazing images of lord Shiva and goddess Paravti.