Location: The Hindu shrine renowned as Shri Swamynarayan mandir is adding magnetic grace to Bhuj, i.e. located at the western belt in Gujarat of India where it is built for an easy accessibility of devout devotees.

Presiding deity: Shri Narnarayan Dev and Harikrishna Maharaj

Date of its inauguration: 15th May, 1823.

Founder of the shrine: Swamynarayan (the founder of Swamynarayan Sampraday)

Creator: Bhagwan Swamynarayan

History behind the foundation of the shrine: Presently, the shrine is situated under the periphery of the ‘Narnarayan Dev Gadi’. “When the god decides, human becomes follower and the troubles keep themselves aside”. The same thing goes with this shrine’s foundation. It may be termed as the miracle of the almighty that few pious souls in their manual incarnation named as Gangarambhai, Sundarjibhai and others of Bhuj province of Kutch, Gujarat requested Swaminarayan in Gadhada for persuading him to get indulged in the grateful task of Shrine construction. At that time, he was enjoying ‘fuldol festival’.

Swami Narayan accepted their plea and brought the same proposal before Vaishnavanand Swami to contribute his active part in the same holy proceedings. Thus, the planning, analyzing, drafting and eventually the execution of the entire plan paid off and the temple came into existence within one year.

Satsang in the Kutch region was introduced into trend by late Guru Ramanand Swami who kept on visiting the shrine frequently.

Description of the temple:

  • Idol: The idol of Harikrishna Maharaj is erected in the central most part of the sanctum sanctorum while the figurine of other deity ‘Radhakrishna Dev’ is installed under the shed of eastern dome at the mid section. Another deity’s idol is seated under the western dome.
  • Roop-Chowki: It is a square shapes sanctum where lord Hanuman and lord Ganapati are resting in the form of stony images.
  • Akshar Bhavan: It is the treasure room of the temple where personal valuables as articles or ornaments of the deities are kept insured.