Location: The monument where significant work of constitution framing takes place is ‘Sansad Bhawan’ located on Parliament street in New Delhi.

Architects: British architects namely ‘Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker (1912-1913).


  • The idea of British architects namely Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker to set up a monument meant for serving as a ‘house of discussion’ for ‘the men-in-governance’ was drafted as ‘Sansad Bhawan’on paper during 1912-1913. And the on-paper monument began to acquire it shape in real in 1921.

  • The inauguration ceremony of Parliament House or the Central Legislative Assembly was held on 18th January, 1927 by the auspicious hands of the then Viceroy ‘Lord Irwin’.

  • The third session of the Central Legislative Assembly was occurred in this Bhawan on 19th January, 1927.

  • The historic monument ‘Sansad Bhawan’ has a frightening history evoking the appalling tragedy of 13 December, 2001 when this building was seiged by some militants belonging to Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed. All militant activists along with one civilian and six army personnel were killed during the militant attack.


  • Central Hall: The epicenter of the monument appears circular in shape resembling Ashok Chakra.

  • Halls: There are distinguished separations of hall specially meant for the Chamber of Princes, the State Council and the Central Legislative Assembly.

  • Outer view: The entire compound of Sansad Bhawan is surrounded by beautiful garden flourished with flowers and lush green grass. Its fencing is made of red sandstone appearing as Jali or railings that are modeled on the historic Stupa of Sanchi.

  • Dome: The ceiling of the central hall is shaped as a Dome structure of 98 ft. in diameter (29.87 meters) representing as one of the marvelous and splendid dome-shaped structures existing in the world.

  • Significance: The vitality of the central hall underlies as:

  • The alteration in the governance from colonial rule to democracy took place in 1947 under the supervision of Nehru.

  • The preambles along with other constitutions by the Constituent Assembly were framed in this very hall.

  • This hall was utilized as a Library of the contemporary Central Legislative Assembly and the Council of states till 1946. Then, it was revamped in the Constituent Assembly Hall where the assembly began to be held since December 9, 1946 for drafting constitution.

  • But now, this hall serves the meeting purpose of the Houses jointly.

  • The inaugural speech at the beginning of each session and subsequent to General Election of Lok Sabha is delivered by the President who addresses the members of both Houses together. During on-going period of session, it becomes the hub for discussion and consideration by the members of assembly.

  • Special occasions are also organized here, such as addressing ceremony spearheaded by Heads of the States of the other countries comprising Members of Parliament of India. Various devices of Simultaneous Interpretation System are also installed here.

Proposal to revamp the existing Sansad Bhawan: The planning of revamping for blowing new life to the existing building of Sansad Bhawan is under-consideration since the current structure does not have adequate space to house all the members and their staff together as per suggestion of the Speaker Meira Kumar. It need to be reconstructed as it carry ‘heritage’ tag also.