Location: This pilgrimage dedicated to the supreme force, i.e. lord Shiva is standing as the historical archive spreading the message of reverence while being located at Saldi village, district Mehsana, Gujarat in India.

Presiding deity: Lord Shiva

Founder of the shrine: Petha Patel of Saldi

The period of its foundation: 1143 as per Hindu Samvat (i.e. 924 years old).

The person who revamped the shrine: Sayajirao Gaekwad (the king of Baroda in 1895)

Pious occasion to visit the shrine:

  • Maha Shivratri
  • Saladi no Mela (Or Fun-Fare organized on the last Monday of Hindu month ‘Shraavan’ or August)
  • Bili Patra Pooja
  • Mundan ceremony

Geographical overview: The very much accessible ancient shrine ‘Pimpleshwar Mahadev’ can be thronged by car, bus and any other public transportation service since it is enshrined just 60 Km northwest of Ahmadabad, Gujarat India. AMD or Ahmadabad International Airport is also contributing its aiding service to the pilgrims from distant regions for reaching the Saldi village, the abode of this shrine.

The shrine has been bestowed with the flora laden with sacred trees of Pimpal, Bili & Vakhada which signify happiness, bliss, prosperity, longevity and good luck.

Related legend:

  • A local narration has been prevalent in regard of adding divine significance to the temple of Pimpleshwar Mahadev. Salvabhai Patel, son of Teja Patel, shifted his home town from Champaner , Gujarat to Saldi village. 200 years subsequent to their migration, a herder-known as Petha Patel was astounded to notice that one of his cows was regularly milking at the very spot from where the Jaladhari water source would spring under the same Pimple tree without any manual effort. People attributed this miraculous charisma of the cow’s milking to the presence of lord Shiva to whom milk is offered in Hindu religion.

Since then, the Saldi village has become a religious hub and its popularity is reaching the zenith now-a-days. 

Description of the shrine:

  • Shrine’s covered area: 50 acres
  • Other adjacently located shrines: There are some more shrines elaborating the divine presence which are laid ahead:
    • Umiya
    • Amba
    • Lakshmi Mata
    • Nag-Devta
  • Jaladhari: Distinguished to other Shiva’s temple, Pimpleshwar Temple has no Shiva-lingam buut a Jaladhari from where the pious water jerks out of earth womb, i.e. aquifer and perpetually flows. Thus, this springing water has transformed this place as a sacred abode of Lord Shiva.
  • Figurines: As Hindus have built ardent faith in ‘Idol-worshipping’, hence, many idols of other deities are erected here such as of lord Ganesha, Parvati & Hanuman.
  • Other accommodation facilities:  Apart from the houses of holy deities, there are some provisions arranged for the visitors for levelling their comfort as special rooms such as Exhibition hall, meeting room, guest-room and lodging (Bhojanalaya).