Jyotirlingas aka solid embodiments of pillar of light are enshrined by our ancestors who would have been marked with the mesmerizing spirituality. Nageshwar Jyotirlinga is one of those pilgrimages which are hiding the mysteries of infinite shaped lord Shiva. Hindu Vedic Purana has significant narratives of this Jyotirlinga in its annals.

Location: The sacred embodiment of lord Shiva namely Nageshwar Jyotirlinga had been established in Dwarka, Gujarat as a religious shrine to visit at least once in life in order to be blessed with salvation or Moksha (the practice of getting alleviation from the complexities of life forever).

Related Legends:

  • In reference to Shiv Purana, Lord Shiva testified the severity in the devotion and patience of dwarf seers or Balkhilyas abiding in Darukavana long years ago in disguise of a nude ascetic on whose body only snakes were creeping and crawling. At the sight of such appalling feature of an unknown saint, the wives of all dwarf seers jerked with astound and fear. Hence, they ran away from their native abode due to which their respective husbands cursed that ascetic to lose his linga. Consequently, a shivalinga fell on the ground since that ascetic was none other than lord Shiva himself. The entire globe started trembling with scare as the cyclone of ruin were swirling high. Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma, as per their assigned deity duties, came to admiring Shiva with an urgent urge to save the earth. In return, mighty Shiva assured them that the world would be saved since his eternal mark in the form of Shivalinga would embellish Darukavana forever. Subsequently, that forest became famous spot of Nagas and Vasuki for pleasing their favorite deity every year in front of Nageshwar or Nagnath.
  • Once ‘Daaruka’ named demon imprisoned lord Shiva’s devotee ‘Supriya’ in the city of Darukavana where he had been reigning as the king of snakes. All the prisoners wished to get released from the clutch of Daaruka. Therefore, they all together enchanted the hymns of lord Shiva on the request of Supriya. Shivered by the heart piercing chanting of his devotees, Lord Shiva incarnated there and began to live there forever.