Location: The 102 years old ancient Shri Mandodari temple is situated in the village of Betaki which is 5km away from Marcel, Ponda in India.

Presiding deity: The local ‘Gramdevta’ .

Geography: 15d 30’20, 82d N & 73d 59’23d E at 81 feet elevation.

Etymology: ‘Mand’ stands for water + ‘udar’ connotes stomach. The two compounded phrase concludes the meaning the one who has taken birth in the water.

Significance of the shrine: This renowned Hindu shrine was built for appeasing the souls of the demised who have immolated their lives for ensuring the availability of water there. However, there is no river flown and the only source of water is streams. Thus, this shrine is dedicated to their virtuous souls for granting water to the residents of this region.