Location: This ancient Hindu pilgrimage is situated in Kansarpal village in Bicholim taluka of Goa in Indian Territory.

Presiding deity: Goddess Kali in the form of Devi Mahamaya.

Historical era of its foundation: The root of this sacred pilgrimage is 800 years old.

Revamped by the dynasty:  Kadamaba Dynasty

Founder king: The founding stone of Mahamaya Kalika Devasthan Kasarpal shrine was laid down by Bhoj King namely Devaraja of Gomin who later donated it to a coppersmith, Nagadeva.

History of the shrine: The politically and financially influential figures of 13th century took authority of this shrine from Nagadeva who were renowned as Daivajnas or the Shettis of Goa. While approaching to 16th century the hold of this temple came in the hands Daivjnas minister of Bhonsale Kings in Sawantwadi.

The pious occasion to visit the shrine:

  • Shishirotsava or Shigmo
  • Navarati
  • Vasant Puja
  • Akshay Tritiya
  • Dasara
  • Avali Bhojan

Supporter: Gomantaka Daivadnya Brahmin community is the affiliated patron of the deity which is further divided into 4 sub-categories:

  • Sashtikar
  • Bardeskar
  • Tiswadkar
  • Antrujkar

Related Legends:

  • As per Indian mythology, having killed the devil demons called Shumbha and Nishumbha, the fury of goddess Shakti calmed down. The Devi at peace and mingling with solace was enshrined at this religious hub by the ardent Hindu kings.

Description of the temple:

  • Architectural style: Goan templ architectural style.
  • Main figurine: The Prime deity, Devi Mahamaya, is moulded and sculpted magnificently that seems enchanting the sacred surrounding of the shrine through her splendid manifestation that has four arms holding sword (khadaga), trident (trishul),  shield (Khetaka) & a bowl (Kapala) for drinking Soma sap (juice). 
  • Other idols:
  • Devi Panchayatana (is worshiped in the sanctum sanctorum, having Shivalinga, Shaligrama etc.)
  • Ravalnath
    • Hedgeshwar
    • Shetyeshwar
    • Palnath
    • Bhumika Devi
    • Kshetrapal
    • Shakyamuni
  • Divisions of the shrine:
    • Sabhamantapa
    • Antarala
    • Chowk
    • Sarwali
    • Garbhakund
    • Agrashalas
    • Parveshswaras
    • Deepstambha