Location: ‘Madh fort’ is relatively smaller than that of other forts but is an exquisite evidence of our rich architecture. It is built in northern part of Mumbai at Madh Island which is lonely place about 15 Kilometers (9 ml) from Malad, India. This fort is surrounded by the Arabian Sea in the west and the Malad creek in the east.

Another name: Versova Fort

History: The foundation of this fort was laid by Portuguese. It was used as watchtower in 17th century. It was thrashed during the period when those Portuguese battled with Maratha Empire in February 1739.

Built by: Portuguese

Nearby places: Versova, Aksa Beach, Indian Naval Base   

Condition: Although the face or façade of this fort is unaffected but the inside view of this monument tells the different story since it’s condition is dilapidated that confirms that it’s close to collapse.      

Caretaker: Indian Air Force

Madh Island: Madh fort is erected as overlooking at the glorious Mumbai beach with Gorai at one end and Worli on the other side. The serene and secluded island where this fort is situated, is popular as ‘Madh Island’.

Movies shot at this fort:  ‘Love Ke Liye Kuchh Bhi Karega’ and ‘Mard’ directed by Manmohan Desai (1985)

Serials shot at this fort: C.I.D (few episodes)