Location: The renowned & sacred pilgrimage ‘Ksheerarama’ out of (5) Pancharama Kshetras is standing in Palakollu near Narasapuram in the West Godavari belt of Andhra Pradesh.

Prime deity: Lord Shiva as ‘Ksheer Ramalingeshwara Swamy’.

Shivalingam is established by: Lord Vishnu (according to Hindu mythology).

Related Legends:

  • As the scripture goes that Upamanyu, the son of seer ‘Kaushika’, paid penance for bestowing himself with unlimited supply of milk. So that, there would have no scarcity of requisite holy offering of milk that he would downpour over lord Shiva every day while performing daily religious ritual. As a result, from the Ksheera Pushkarini tank, milk started spilling from its rim which is scripted as ‘mythical Ksheera Saagaram’ (milky ocean).Thence, Paalakollu, Dugdapovanam & Ksheeraramam are the terms coined signifying its name.
  • Another legend confirms that as being the admirable deity of lord Rama, Lord Shiva was worshipped by him in the same shrine called ‘Ksheerarama’ as he performed the similar ritual in Rameshwaram.