Location: The holy altar dedicated to the supreme devotee of lord Rama called ‘Karmanghat Temple’ is situated at Karmanghat, nearby Sagar ring road in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Prime Deity: Lord Hanuman

Year of its foundations: 12th century A.D. (approximately 1143).

Founder: King Kakatiya

Famous occasion to visit: Hanuman Jayanti

Related Legend:

  • As per Hindu mythology, once king kakatiya took shelter under a tree in the serene environment of a forest after exhaustive hunting expedition. A voice struck to his ears which was uttering the name of lord Rama.  To his greatest surprise waited a sculpture of lord Hanuman seated in a meditative posture and the voice was coming from it. Having paid the requisite respect to the deity, he returned to his palace where the similar deity appeared in his dream & ordained him to construct a temple there.

The king discharged the command of the lord and started building the temple with an immediate effect. Later after 400 years, when Mughal emperor ‘Aurangzeb’ set out his expedition of demolishing all Hindu temples, a miracle occurred. The Mughal army did not manage to even come closer to the temple’s compound. The Mughal king was informed by his commanders. The king lost his temper and set out to destruct it with his own crow-bar. But an unknown deafening roar froze his feet right at the threshold of the temple & his crow-bar slipped out of fist. His feet started trembling with fear after hearing appalling roar that said “Mandir todna hai to karo man ghat (wish to break into the temple, make your heart as strong as of a lion)”. This way the temple got its name, i.e. Kar man ghat.

Even till today, Anjaneya is lost into meditation & showering his blessing over his devotees in the form of ‘Dhyaya Anjaneya Swamy’.