Location: The art gallery namely ‘Jehangir Art Gallery’ is enticing the metropolitan ‘Mumbai’ while being at Kala Ghoda, behind the famous museum ‘Prince of Wales’. It is not far away from the Gateway of India in South Mumbai.

Founder: Sir Cowasji Jehangir granted the urge of K.K Hebbar and Homi Bhabha.

Designer: G.M. Bhuta was the designer who drafted its design for G.M. Bhuta & Associates

Date of inauguration: 21st January 1952

Inaugurated by: The then Chief Minister of Bombay State ‘B.G Kher’

Donor: Cowasji Jehangir

Dedicated to:  Sir Cowasji’s deceased son ‘Jehangir’

History: The art gallery that is commemorating Cowasji’s son ‘Jehnagir’ has treasure of history narrating tales of the renaissance of Indian art under this mammoth hood. The historical relics of 70’s social culture are also housing there. The country’s oldest licensed antique dealer ‘Natesans’ is also placed there.


Architectural designer: Durga Bajpai

Combined structure: The inward design of this building is a marvelous outcome of brilliant mind. It serves the dual motto of an auditorium and an art gallery under one roof.

Introvert design: The introvert design of this gallery is designed with such intelligence there seems no space opening to the street.

Entrance: An entrance is an exquisite specimen of cleverly carving concrete into large wavy cantilevered entrance that seems swirling over the street.

Stony furnishing: The bland façade reflects as the gallery has worn the dress made up of stone.

Halls: The gallery houses two halls where all modern amenities are available requisite for the display of visual arts, i.e. the Auditorium and the Exhibition gallery.

Area of Auditorium Hall:  2,700 square feet (180 running feet)

Area of Exhibition Gallery: 3,700 square feet (370 running feet)

Modern facilities: Climate control and security system

Area of 1st floor: 1,408 square feet with hanging wall space of about 173 running feet

Area of terrace’ floor: 650 square feet (about 130 running feet)

Terrace gallery: It mirrors photography and Visual Art

Landmark: It’s the grandeur of this gallery that the Samovar restaurant along with it is featured in the movie ‘Choti Si Baat’ released in 1975.

It also organizes an annual exhibition with the name ‘the Monsoon Art Show’. It is a platform to exhibit the artwork of merit class artists. The provision of felicitating outstanding showcasing of merit artists is its acclamatory landmark.