Location: The array of zillion shrines dedicated to Hindu deities has one more ‘Gem’ like temple called ‘Hanuman Mandir’ which is located in the heart of India, i.e. Delhi, at Karol Bagh.

Presiding Deity: Lord Hanuman

Span of its construction: 13th May, 1994 to 02 April, 2007.

Completion period of the shrine’s construction: 13 years

Founder of the shrine: Mahant Nagababa Sevagir ji Maharaj

Pious occasion to visit the place:

– Hanuman Jayanti
– Every Tuesday and Saturday

Related legend:

As per briefs delivered by the founder, Mahant Nagababaji, of this shrine, this holy shrine came into existence by the passionate desire of its founder. As being an ardent devotee since teen age, he used to wander here and there in search of an ultimate sacred place which could suit to be an abode of lord Hanuman.

It seemed that austere penance of Mahant ji paid off when Balaji (Hanumanji) himself manifested in person and ordained him to sculpt his towering cum grand statue. Now, an enormous figurine of 108 ft. demonstrating as a replica of lord Hanuman has been erected.

Description of the shrine:

  • Idols:  The craftsmanship at marvel in the form of 108 ft. gigantic figurine of lord Hanuman has won the title of world’s tallest Hanuman’s sculpture in the world. The figurine is equipped with every wonder of science and gadget that illustrates a unique and peculiar spectacular view of cleaving its chest for letting the idols of lord Rama and his consort Sita to come into glimpse through it in astounding way.  
  • Shiva’s Dhuna (vessel of sacred ash): It seemed that ‘Vessel of Sacred Ash’ seized the entire shrine during construction of the shrine which sent the message of divine charisma and the shower of god’s blessing onto his devotees.              
  • Pindi (the icon of goddess Vaishno): The enshrined ‘Pindi’ is a specimen of goddess Vaishno who made the pilgrimage extremely pious by incarnating there in ‘lump’ form.
  • Sacred Ganga: The springing water illustrated another miracle of divinity which is supposed to be sacred ‘Ganga’ in the premise of the shrine.
  • Sacred flame (Jyoti): The perpetual igniting flame namely ‘sacred flame’ has been illuminating the compound of this shrine till the dates today. The credit goes to ‘Babaji’ for bringing this flame there from the temple ‘Jwalaji’ located in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh on 30th March, 2006. 
  • Sacrosanct shrine of deity ‘Shani’:  The small shrine dedicated to lord Shani is also caved within this shrine’s premise.
  • Offerings paid to ‘Shani Dev’: Devotees try to appease presiding deities by offering black cloth, mustard oil, a knife, earthen lamp, Jaggery, gram, horse beans (urad dal), sesame, iron, flowers and lemons along with incense sticks and sweet-meat.
  • Samadhi (memorial) of Babaji, the founder: Mahant Nagababa Sevagir ji Maharaj was cremated on 25th January, 2008 at the very place where he dated the pious almighty. Seers, Saints, Mahants and Priests from all over the country thronged the pilgrimage just to witness & bid him ‘adieu’. This way, his name became immortal.