Location: The ancient Hindu temple, Gnana Saraswati Temple, is established in Basar (earlier called Vasara) town of Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh which is 30 Km from Bhainsa, 15.5 Km from Dharmabad, 34.8 Km from Nizamabad , 70 Km from Nirmal & 207 Km from Hyderabad.

Nearby River: River Godavari

Prime Deity: Goddess Saraswati

Significance of the temple: The temple is dedicated to goddess Saraswati who is considered to be the goddess of wisdom as per ‘Hindu Scriptures’. Therefore, ‘Akshara Abyasam’ ceremony for children is held in this temple.

The place has been named after seer ‘Vyasa’ as ‘Vasara’ since he spent considerable time while performing sacred ritual there.

Rites that are performed in the temple:

  • ‘Akshara Abyasam’  is the initial stepping onto the ladder of acquiring education for the children. Worshipping of stationery goods & letters before goddess Saraswati is the rite that is mandatory for all aspirants.  The poojan begins since 4 a.m & continues for an hour. ‘Alankarana’ ceremony is arranged subsequent to poojan by which goddess of wisdom is adorned. Thereby, aarti is begun at 6 a.m. which is assumed as being arranged in honor of the Sun which is set to rise. Afterwards, prasadam is distributed among all.

Pious occasion to visit the temple:

  • Maha Shivaratri (begin 15 days before Vasantha Panchami)
  • Devi Navarathrulu (celebrated for 10 days till Dussehra)

Testimonial scripture: Brahmada Purana written by Valmiki.

Referred to epic: Ramayana

Built by:

  • Ashtrakutas (originally)
  • Bijialudu , a Karnataka King who had his dynasty (later)

Related Legend:

  • As the legend goes, once Maharishi Vyasa along with his disciple ‘Suka’ was in search of serene and tranquil atmosphere when the ceasefire of Kurukshetra war took place.  The winsome soothing surrounding of ‘Dandak’ forest mesmerized them to settle there. After having dip in Godavari river, Maharishi Vyas used to heap sand collected from the coast of the river & sculpted the images of goddess ‘Saraswati’, ‘Lakshmi’ & ‘Kali’ by his mystic power and prayer. The face of the image is coated with turmeric paste.

It is believed that a bit of turmeric’s taste has the charisma of enhancing wisdom of an individual.      

Temple Structure:

  • Architectural Style:  South Indian style.
  • Idol: The idol of goddess ‘Mahakali’ has been enshrined at the 1st floor of the temple while the mountain beside it has an idol of goddess ‘Saraswati’ erected on its rock at summit. The divine trinity is considered to be fulfilled via the establishment of goddess Lakshmi nearby the sculpture of goddess Saraswati.