Location: The Hindu shrine called Chittaranjan Park Kali Mandir is an abode of Devi Kali who is worshipped with profound intensity by Bengali community in this religious hub located in Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi.

Presiding deity:  Goddess kali

Year of its foundation: 1973

The land for shrine was designated by: Nascent EPDP colony

Sacred occasion to visit the shrine:

  • Durga Pooja (5 days’ celebration)
  • Any cultural or religious occasion such as Lakshmi Pooja, Kali Pooja, Saraswati Pooja, Ganesh Chaturthi etc.

Caretaking authority: Kali Mandir Samiti

Description of the temple:

  • Architecture: Bengal Terracotta temple architecture
  • Rituals: Regardless of any particular, this shrine is an emblem of great fidelity. The religious offering of fresh flowers, particularly Bengal- specific flowers, is the remarkable trend followed there while carrying on religious rituals and performing rites. ‘Sandhi pooja’ seems unaccomplished and incomplete without offerings ‘Blue Lotus’ for which advance booking is made to the owner of all ponds in Bengal. 
  • Small altars: Apart from the main shrine dedicated to goddess Kali, few small shrines have been structured for enshrining other deities as lord Shiva and RadhaKrishna since 1984.
  • Library: The most fascinating feature of this shrine is its library which is a window from where anyone can peep in the customs, culture, tradition and Bengali civilization.
  • Cultural activities: The spectacular figurines sculpted out of soil are carved in Atelier of this shrine, especially of Goddess Durga on the eve of Durga Pooja. The criss-cross queue of numerous devotees seem anxious to have a glance of deity’s magnetic beauty in idol form.
  • Bengali language: The caretaking authority and Bangla-loving passionate individuals have taken charge of spreading the aroma of Bengali tradition and culture by introducing ‘Bangla-teaching’ classes.
  • Guest house: The shrine complex has every luxury and comfort for resting in ‘Guest House’ at peaceful and serene ambience of deities’ abode.