Location:  The shrine of Baidyanath Jyotirlinga is established in Deoghar in Santhal Parganas division of Jharkhand, India. It is the principal shrine of Lord Shiva where Shivalinga or Jyotirlinga is installed in a cluster of 21 temples.

Related Legends:

  • The king of tyrannical demon ‘Ravana’ offered his head ten times just to please lord Shiva for fulfilling his craving of becoming the mightiest among all living creatures including deities. The life threatening offering of his head to lord Shiva compelled the pious god to rescue him from doing any more harm to himself. As a baidya alias doctor, lord Shiva restored his head and cured him. Thereafter, this place has become famous as Baidyanath Jyotirlinga elucidating the significance of its name.
  • Deity Shiva was mesmerized by the terrible penance of King Ravana. As a result he blessed him a boon of abiding in Lanka till eternity and be an invincible on the condition that he would carry his Lingam to his native land without putting it down onto the earth during his journey. But as the dusk fell down, he had to do ‘Sandhya-Vandana’. So, he kept on searching someone to help him. Lord Ganesha pretended to be a shepherd boy who seemed indulged in rearing the sheep nearby. Ravana appealed him to carry it till he returned from the bank of the river. The shepherd boy threatened to put it down if would not reach soon. Wise Ganesha pretended again to play his trick. He got annoyed and put the lingam down. As the shivalinga touched the ground, it got affixed as constant and immovable. Later, Ravan tried to pull it out of the ground but his attempt was proven as a failure. At this, all the mighty deities felt gracious and relieved.

Significance of Shraavan Mela:

The devotees from all over the world hit this holy abode of lord Shiva during Shraavan Mela that has been held from the month of July to August so that they can offer the water of sacred river Ganges that they would have collected earlier from Sultanganj. These pilgrims are also famous as Dak Bam from where these devotees move ahead to visit Basukinath Temple.