India is the land of cultural and religious vastness where tradition blows in the air and divinity abides in every nook and cranny of it. This devotional conception might have incarnated the ritual of visiting an adobe where human can confess his sin and console to his soul for getting alleviated from the nasty effects of ill omens.


Amarnath Temple is one of those adobe or pilgrimage where Lord Shiva-‘the destroyer of this Universe’ dwells in the form of stalagmite or ‘Shivlinga’ made of snow. This pious shrine of lord Shiva is located in the paradise of Indian Territory, i.e. Jammu & Kashmir through the way from Pahalgam town at an altitude of 3,888 Km and 141 Km away from Srinagar.


This 40 ft. high cave symbolizing holiest shrine of  Hindus fascinates myriad of pilgrims every year by its astoundingly formed ‘Stalagmite’ that is formed due to accumulation of frozen droplets that keeps on scaling height vertically towards up in the enticing valley of glaciers. The devotees offer their prayer there in front of it that vanishes during May to August due to outbreak of summer and the melted snow seeps into the rocks gradually. The two other lingams made of snow nearby it are assumed as his better half ‘Parvati’ whereas other is considered as lord ‘Ganesha’-their son.

Related legends or assumptions:

  • The procedural formation of ‘Lingam’, either growing or shrinking, is estimated to be the effect of various phases of moon that changes its shapes during summer festival.
  • From the reference of the holy book Raktranjini, the holy Lingam of lord Shiva had been worshipped by Aryaraja and queen Suryamathi of 11th century dedicated Trishuls, banalingas and other religious emblems to this temple.
  • This forgotten pilgrimage was once again discovered by Buta Malik named shepherd boy who was blessed with gold coins in place of coal pieces in his sack. Actually, he spotted a seer there earlier who blessed him gold coins and when he rushed back to him, there were cave and lingam appearing instead of that holy seer.

Like ‘Haj-yatra’ in Islam, traveling to Amarnath temple routes the way of Moksha as per Hindu religion. Therefore, Indian government also, organizes this pilgrimage tour every year for the Indian as well as tourists from all over the world too.