Location: The majestic Hindu shrine of lord Shiva namely ‘Sangameswara Temple’ is situated in Bhavani at the confluence of Kaveri river, Agaya gangai & Bhavani river in the Erode district of Tamil Nadu.

Another name of the temple: Kooduthurai (Known by locales) & Thirunana (scripted in literature)

Prime Deity: Lord Shiva

Significance of the temple:

  • It’s a miracle that the tree called illandhai near the temple has been green for innumerable years and its fruits have been offered to deity every day. During the reign of Chera Chola & Pandya’s , the cave that used to be there between Chidambaram & Sangameswarar temple where the similar offering was dedicated to the deity.
  • The cow’s sculpture behind the idol of lord Vishnu illustrates harmony between Saivism and Vaishnavism which strengthens the bond of humanity with the thread of harmony.

Testimonial literatures:  The excerpt of Thirupugazh, Pillaithamizh penned by Thirugnanasambandar and Arunagiriyar are the evidence of this temple’s existence by it renowned name-‘Thirunana’.  

Related Legend:

  • The legend related to ‘Sangameswarar temple’ has been scripted in scripture which says that on being gifted an aircraft to Kubera by his father ‘Vaisira’, the son decided to pay his reverence at the feet of lord Shiva in his all temples across the country. To his greatest surprise, his eyes spread wide at witnessing the scene of harmony maintained by the wild creatures such as deer, tiger, cow, elephant, snake & rat near river Cauvery. The wild beasts were drinking water near an Illandhai tree at the bank of the river without showing any fear or enmity.

Against the query asked by Kubera, a prophecy stated that visit of pious Vedas, gandharvas’ habitation had transformed it a sacred place. So, such place had become equivalent to a shrine. Therefore, he was ordained to worship Shivalingam at the very spot under the illandhai tree which he obeyed.

Description of the temple:

  • Architectural Style: South Indian temple
  • Miraculous goddess ‘Ambal Sannidhi’:  The miraculous view of shedding tears from one stony statue while pouring milk on the other stony statue manifests astounding.  Both stones are identically erected parallel to the idol of Goddess ‘Ambal Sannidhi ’.
  • Cauvery Theertham, Surya  Theertham & Gayatri Theertham: The water of this holy shrine is popularly known as Cauvery Theertham, Surya  Theertham & Gayatri Theertham which is springing from an unknown underground water source.