Festival’s classification: National Festival  

Date: 2nd October

In the memory of: “The Father of Nation”, i.e. Mahatma Gandhi

Historical Significance: The memoir of Mahatma Gandhi’s life could only be evoked and vividly expressed through an iconic historical step. None other than a wise alternate of celebrating the birth of prominent figure called admirable ‘Mahatma Gandhi ji’ could ever be proved as the greatest tribute to this unforgettable matchless soul. His birthday is celebrated as a National festival in India for recalling his selfless contribution to the freedom struggle of India.

United Nations General Assembly has publicly announced this humane-figure’s contribution to be worshipped till the end of human existence. Thus, what else could be the greatest homage to this soul than adopting 15th June 2007 as the International Day of Non-violence?

HIs act of humanity concluded as a genuine work done for the welfare of humanity, especially the poverty-stricken pathetic human beings. Therefore, Raj Ghat is his remarkable memorial in New Delhi where he was cremated.

Ways to celebrate:

  • Several prayers, commemorative ceremonies and tributes all over India, including Raj Ghat, are held on this eve by colleges, local government and social political institutions.
  • Essay and painting competitions, on the basis of themes adding glory to peace, non-violence and honesty which were the tools adopted by the legend Mahatma Gandhi, are arranged and then are followed by awards ceremony.
  • Patriotic movies are broadcasted and devotional song ‘Raghupati Raghav Rajaram’ is sung in his memory.